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Flight Control Replay Voice Edition agosto 29, 2011

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FCR voice edition is out now in simmarket.

Flight Control Replay Voice Edition is a software that it permits to record and play flight situation in Microsoft FSX with a various options. This new version have very useful features . Voice Command Recognition feature that it allows to speech commands to Flight Control Replay . Voice recording feature that it allows to record also your voice .
When you play a flight situation previously recorded you can choose if play only flight situation or flight situation synchronized with your recorded voice.

Flight Control Replay main Features are:

– Voice Command Recognition for all record and play features of FCR. Now you can speak to software and it records, play, go forward and go backward according with your voice command. (NEW!)
– Record a flight situation and also your voice during flight. ( NEW!)
– Enable / Disable Voice recognition directly with a button in main User interface.
– Flight simulator X Connection
– Record a flight info with unlimited length (Aircraft model , position, heading, bank etcetc).
– Export all recorded Flight situation for view it in Google Earth 3D and Google Maps 2D.- Simulation Variables recorded:

Plane Latitude
Plane Longitude
Plane Altitude
Plane Pitch Degrees
Plane Bank Degrees
Plane Heading Degrees True
Brake Position
Engines Throttle Position
Fuel Tanks Level
World reference position

– Play / Pause saved Recorded flight in original Flight Situation (if available).
– Fast forward backward play.
– Start flight from an entry point of a recorded flight that user can define.
– User can choose sample rate for record a flight (6 times per second , 1 time per second, Visual Frame per second, every 4 seconds and Automatic ).
– Zoom In and Zoom Out flight simulator point of view from FCR client.
– User can change camera view from FCR client.
– Stop playback at any position to continue manually with FCR yellow slider.
– Show time stamp inside Flight simulator during play.
– User can define an hardware shortcut for start / stop recording, start / stop playing and forward and backward (this is useful if users use full screen FlightSim option)
– User can choose custom file path where FCR put file with flight recorded (.FCR and all Microsoft Flight Simulator files attached)

This addon is available exclusively via SIMMARKET




• All kind of Multicore CPUs
• Windows Vista 32 / Vista 64 / Win7 (32 bit / 64bit)
• Net Framework 3.5 SP1 (or higher)