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Tutorial “Building your motion platform with DBOX 3250i” giugno 28, 2013

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With this tutorial we want to help a simmer to build their own platform motion using robust materials and products dBox, market leader in motion systems for gaming and entertainment platforms.

The DBox, a Canadian company, provides all the fans and to all the companies of the simulation do their job, countless OEM solutions for the movement of a platform

For any type of simulators, flight simulator to automotive, from the simulator ships to rollercoaster. Their business is not limited however only to the simulation but also in the cinema.


In fact, the DBOX offers a range of solutions to move their chairs lounge / cinema. Thanks to the cutting-edge software and thanks to a mechanical and an electronic high-performance manages to make a living, as well as for the simulators, a sensory experience like no other.

As previously mentioned, today will try to help a home simmer to build a platform mpbile starting from a hardware DBOX 3250th.

Phase 0: Inventory

For the construction of the platform and its assembly you have to have at hand a Phillips and slotted screwdrivers of different sizes. We also recommend a screwdriver with different tips of different sizes.

Step 1: Purchases

Through a partner DBOX, buy a DBOX 3250i. DBOX found on the website from which all partners buy the product.

Buy or build a seat that allows the safe and convenient use of the mobile platform with the simulator. We recommend a Playseat Flight Sim, very sturdy and easy to assemble (see review http://www.volosimulato.net).

Buy a wooden board with a thickness of at least 3.8 cm in size and 1.00 meters x 60 cm. Watch the trailer of wood used by us for this tutorial, pictured below.


Buy at least 10 self-tapping screws 3.5 cm in length max. These screws must be of equal or lesser size of the holes Media Included in the packaging DBOX 3250i. We recommend galvanized screws 6 × 40 or 6 × 70.

Step 2: Assembly

Now we come to the real assembly phase of the platform!
◾ Take the first support of the actuator DBOX 3250i.
◾ Secure the supports of the front actuator, and screw them using the screws described in Step 0 of the tutorial, on the side of the wooden board that is coming to the ground, just as it is shown in the photo.

◾ Secure the support for the ‘rear actuator, screw it using the screws described in Step 0 of the tutorial, on the side of the wooden board that is coming to the ground and positioned exactly in the middle of the back side of the table, just as it is shown in the photo.

◾ Secure the central unit of the 3250i DBOX precisely to the center of the wooden board, preferably in such a way that it fits under the seat that can be installed afterwards, screwing the unit using the screws described in Step 0 of the tutorial.

◾ Secure the eventual seat PLAYSEAT FLIGHT SIM (or similar) in the center of the wooden platform.

Step 3: Configuring the 3250i DBOX

Now we turn to the configuration of the system.
◾ Connect USB Dongle DBOX 3250i to the PC dedicated to the operation of the mobile platform and the system.
◾ Install DVD that came through the suite of the latest drivers and programs DBOX.
◾ proprietary cable to connect the USB dongle DBOX 3250i. Successsivamente DBOX connect the cable transmission to the control unit located in the center of the platform.
◾ Connect power cable to the power outlet.

Step 4: Drivers and optimization settings DBOX 3250th

After installing the drivers for your system DBOX and the software suite, we can try to figure out how to test our platform.
◾ Here we have the opportunity to choose between two options, and MotionCode GlobalSettings.

MotionCode contains all the titles supported by D-BOX and all versions of drivers that need to run games with D-BOX platform. Each profile of a single game has a game-relevant set of options that allow you to make the ‘experience of the DBOX unique and different from game to game.

The Global Settings tab contains all general options instead of D-BOX system, such as the TEST button to start the system with a lot of movement test of the actuators, but also contains the ControlPanel that allows you to configure general properties and allow through the Monitoring of observe many of the actuators function parameters such as temperature of the actuators, weight and many other useful information for controlling the vital parameters of the DBOX.

After you have configured and tested our system through the ‘appropriate function of the ControlPanel, we can launch our Prepar3D simulator to test and have fun with our new gem.

Et Voila ‘! as you can see the result is an excellent compromise of stability and robustness quality!


A follow other more detailed articles on the feelings of use of the platform equipped with D-BOX 3250i both with Prepar3d that with XPLANE!

D-BOX 3250i 3 AXIS Platform solution and …. giugno 7, 2013

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In the world of simulation there is a growing phenomenon: the use of the Platform Motion (Motion Platform).


In recent years, it will reduce the cost of production, more and more ‘Home Simmer have built (or bought) its MotionPlatform
to have fun with your cockpit or to prove the thrill of driving an F1 car with sensations of realism never seen a cockpit chairs.

Today we speak of its Motion Platform and more ‘in particular a product that everyone could have fitted into their Home Cockpit! The D-BOX 3250th. But first to talk about the product we introduce D-BOX, his experience in the field and its history

The Canadian company was founded in 1998 by fans of the simulation industry. Thanks to their technology
patented D-BOX motion code over the years have protato motion effects in both the world of games in the world of cinema. In fact, besides a catalog Home oriented with products designed ad-hoc for gaming and support to all securities are racing simulation and flight, D-BOX also has solutions for cinema and lounges-art technologies.

In fact, every time a new movie comes out in digital form, the D-BOX with the production company, produces driver to enable the movement of the motion system based on the plot of the movie …  shootings, car racing … will be experienced with the D-BOX motion system!


As you can see from the picture, the system is composed of a central unit very compact thanks to a system of small tubes
3 allows the actuators to extend and compress.
These actuators must be positioned in a platform (or special seat). 2 Actuators front and a rear centrally located.

Then together with the unit and its 3 actuators is provided by a micro D-BOX interface (KAI-1P) that converts the signal from
by the control unit in a simple serial signal that communicates with the PC via the USB connection and is of course also provided a DVD with drivers, profiles and game management suite
the system, but we’ll talk about later in detail.

Along with all this the D-BOX also provides very robust metal supports to mount the actuators in a seat (or platform) and base metal with velcro at the
below that act as containment seat for the actuators as well as a DVD with all drivers and the suite necessary for the configuration and operation of the system

With this package, the D-BOX provides everything you need for easy installation of their system of movement of the platform or seat.
All components have arrived in a very compact package. After unpacking all the parts we wanted to make an interesting test,

“How long does it takes an inexperienced user to configure the D-BOX motion system?”

Here the D-BOX has once again surprised! In 5 minutes we were already ‘with F1 2012 and Prepar3D running and connected through the software suite with the control unit and actuators!
Fantastic! We are facing a product easy to set up, with a scream performance and compatibility with virtually complete in the areas of securities Flight Gaming and Racing.

These 5 minutes are initiated, stopwatch in hand, with the installation of the software platform of the D-BOX.
After installing the software is available for all games compatible profiles with which a user (too inexperienced) can be configured to suit your
needs of the functional parameters of the system 3250th.
To the right, to the left, pitch, roll, G-Force and most people ‘has more’ and so forth. The suite offers many options for customization of the movement of the actuators and
calibrate the feeling of the movement with the needs of the ‘user.

Once you have chosen and configured the profile for flight simulator 3250th Prepar3d we tested the system by pressing the Test button in the software suite.
Et voila’, we see that the system comes to life and begins a dance that brings us to the verification of the functionality of movement and vibration actuators.
Everything works properly and everything is already ‘configured to’ use only after 5 minutes! .

In conclusion we can say that the Canadian D-BOX market-leading solutions for Motion Platform has produced a number of fantastic products for the Home Gaming.
In fact, in addition to the system we tested (3250th) has to catalog these products:
2-axis 2 actuators 2250th / 3250th 3-axis actuators 3/4 3-axis actuators 4250th / 4400th 3-axis 4 actuators.

These systems have a fantastic quality / price ratio when compared to that of its competitors and that this kind of systems in the past years.
To see prices and distributors please visit D-BOX (http: \ \ http://www.d-box.com) or on facebook official page D-BOX.

See you soon with the tutorial “Building a Flight Sim Platform with D-BOX Motion!” and impression review with Prepar3d and D-BOX Platform!

Stay Tuned !


D-BOX , development ,Release, Review and many many other things giugno 7, 2013

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Hi ! This is a new start…. In this period i was busy about my projects with Windows 8 APP, Windows Phone APP , Flight Simulator APP and Flight Simulato Reviews! Now after Simflight and VoloSimulato review I take a decision to put in my  Flight Simulator Blog all reviews that i m writing in simflight and volosimulato and traslate it in English.

This space in next week will become also a container for a lot of Home Cockpit Building Tutorials!

The First will be a tutorial that i ll put here in English and also in VoloSimulato magazine!

This tutorial is “How build a Motion Platform with fantastinc D-BOX 3250i product”! (see www.dbox.com)